Supply Wish List

Our goal is to assist you in providing your child/children with a quality Catholic education.  We also strive to provide our students with the technology and supplies they need to thrive in today’s learning environment.  To assist us in achieving this goal, the faculty and staff have complied a list of large items and classroom supplies we would like to acquire for the next school year.

Items can be donated to the school or monetary donations designated for larger items will be collected.

For questions and more information, please contact the school office at or call 859-581-6599.

Thank you!


Large Items:

Window Air Conditioner Units

New Televisions

DVD/Blue Ray Players


Drop Down Projection Screens

Large White Boards

Large Removable Window Screens

Chrome Books

Office Chairs

50 Ft VGA/Computer Cord

Plastic Storage Bins

Extension Cords

Power Strips

Outdoor Umbrella for Playground Table

Outdoor Volleyball Poles and Net

Playground Equipment: volleyballs, basketballs, kickballs, wiffle balls & bats, chalk, hula hoops.


Office/Classroom Supplies:

Electric Pencil Sharpeners

Paper Clips – Large

Paper Clips – Small

Binder Clips – Large and Small

Paper Clips – Large and Small

Construction Manila Envelopes (6 x 9)

Black Garbage Bags

Scotch Wall Mounting Tabs MMM-7225

Batteries – All Sizes

Tempera Paint (Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, White)

Construction Paper

Heavy Duty Tag Board

Clear Packing Tape

Duct Tape

Scotch Tape

Tape Dispensers



Pop up Post it Note Pads

Pop up Post it Note Dispensers

Side-Application Correction/Whiteout tape

Whiteout -Liquid

Index Cards

Re-stick Easel Pads with Paper

Interdepartmental Envelopes (10″x13″)

Compressed Air


Glue Stick and Bottles

White Copy Paper

Colored Copy Paper


Pens – Blue, Black, Red

Tissue Paper

Single-hole punch

3-hole punch

Dry Erase Markers

Push Pins


Manila Folders

Large Mailing Envelopes


Paper Towels

Paper Plates

Plastic Silverware

Paper/Plastic Cups