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Basketball practices will begin on Sunday, October 29th for players on teams with Holy Cross Elementary, which are from Holy Family, St. Anthony and Price of Peace Schools.

If you signed up to play, but have decided not to play now, please call Tina Feldman at 292-0904 immediately.

PRACTICES WILL BE HELD IN THE HOLY CROSS GYM unless noted otherwise.  This year we have a few teams practicing at Holy Family.  ALL PLAYERS ARE TO ENTER AND EXIT THE HOLY CROSS GYM THROUGH THE GYM DOORS NEAREST THE RAILROAD TRACKS.  DO NOT ENTER OR EXIT THROUGH THE LOBBY DOORS.  Absolutely NO FOOD or DRINKS are permitted into the Gym area.  Players should not arrive at practices any earlier than 10 minutes before their practices begin because it is too disruptive to the teams practicing.  Upon arrival, players should sit quietly in the bleachers and wait for their practice to begin.  Coaches will be at the doors to let in their players and to monitor them.

If you are from a school other than Holy Cross, what your team is called might not be the same as the grade you are in, so please look at the information on the back of the practice schedule, so you know which team you are on.  (4th boys from Holy Family are on the team called 3rd boys, since Holy Cross has a separate 4th boys team.)

A list of the teams, where the games are played, when the games start, name of head coach, which schools have players on that team and what the team is called on the practice schedule is all listed on the back of the practice schedule .

Most games are on Saturdays. 

B-ball February 2018 Practice Schedule

Please contact Tina Feldman with any questions regarding Basketball.





Basketball is canceled when school is canceled.

Players should not arrive more than 10 minutes before practice begins and should sit quietly in the bleachers and wait for their practice.

Please carry gym shoes into gym and change once inside.

No food, drink, or chewing gum permitted in gym area.

No street shoes, dress shoes, boots, etc. allowed on gym floor.

No standing, sitting, leaning on the collapsible bleachers when they’re closed.